Man 2 Man

men only

I give a combined professional sport-relax- TANTRA massage for men by appointment only. Due to my experiences in the sportsworld / therapeutic and several massage courses, I do have an excellent basis to give a personal massage.
I respect all my clients and bodytypes and therefore I can give a great massage.I use my knowledge of sports-therapy massage for an unique massage.
This combination, together with: “ deep tissue-“ – Reiki – and SHIATSU – is the basis for a massage, that vitalises and is relaxing.The TANTRA technics, which I use as well, take care for a dreamy-smoothy erotic tension. You just can let everything go and enjoy with all your senses! Eventually an explosion of these erotic tensions is possible.
But this is always up to you. The freedom to experience and enjoy this combi- massage in total freedom of mind and body will even enlarge your commitment to this event.After having more then 15 years of experience with sportsmen-athletes-dancers- and treating all sorts of injuries, I may say I have the gift to connect to men and their bodies. My treatment will give you a trip to “ paradise” !!The average age of my male clients is between 20 and 50 and I do not have any problems with that. Each man is unique in the undergoing of my massage and this is the challenge as well: give my clients a long intense good afterfeel from my massage.
I have a 95% return rate with my clients, this says enough to my opinion. They always tell me they feel incredible when I finish the massage and they really have the meaning I taylor the massage to them.
My massages are: safe- // a touch to the the senses- // full of fantasymoments- // super relaxation of mind and body.
An extra dimension can be added to fulfill even more fantasies, as: shaving session // tough approach // character game. Many of my clients have a relationship: straight-gay- bi or bi curious.
Of course this is not a problem for me- each man who I give a massage is unique and will always feel a man. Privacy and discretion is the basis and 2 important words- that support the succes of MARC`S MASSAGES AMSTERDAM.

Recognition of each other outside the massage room will never be an option what`so ever.
MARC is a professional – sportman -athletic built- tall-1meter 90- blond and blue eyed.
The massage room has a very distinctive atmosphere and lighting- relaxmusic and possibility for taking a shower.

4 hands massage is possible.
Just let me know and I will arrange this.

finances:  the price varies- depending on time duration.

finances: please contact me via my contactpage
Xtra fantasy wishes will be charged.
No escort.
Payment only in cash euros.

I do hope to see you real soon.